smoke alarms

Having old smoke alarms, alarms that are not interconnected and alarms that are not in the right areas, may not give your family or residents enough time to escape a fire.    

New legislation is rolling out throughout Australia for the installation of Smoke Alarms, which has been proven to be far more affective. You could save a life!


What are requirement of this legislation?

  • Smoke Alarms must be less than 10 years old

  • If a Smoke Alarms fails to test, it must be replaced

  • Smoke Alarms must be photoelectric and comply with AS3786-2014

  • Hardwired Smoke Alarms – connected to the mains power supply with a backup battery

  • Interconnected – all Smoke Alarms must be interconnected. So, if one alarms is activated, all alarms are activated.

  • Location – Smoke Alarms must be installed on each storey, in each bedroom, and in hallways connecting bedrooms


From January 1 2022, any house or unit being leased, having the lease renewed, or sold must comply with these new legislative requirements.

AVA Electrical is offering free inspection on all properties, to make sure your family is safe and complying with the new Legislation.